Chateau des Briottières

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Château and gardens of Montriou

15 minutes

Nestled in a lovingly maintained green setting, the Château de Montriou is a family residence dating back to the before the 15th century. The estate also includes a fifteenth century chapel.

Montriou: a château with authentic charm

The Château de Montriou is in Feneu, a picturesque place around ten kilometres from the Château des Briottières. The château is about fifteen kilometres from Angers and the city’s majestic monuments. Although the château dates from before the fifteenth century, improvements made by the first generation of the current owner’s family have enriched the style, but without altering the original spirit of the architecture of Charles de Beauvau.

With works undertaken by subsequent generations, the site has become increasingly beautiful. The Chapelle des Trois Maries has been preserved throughout the centuries. You can still go there to admire the stained glass, the polychrome statues and murals.

The garden of the Château de Montriou: an ode to the beauty of nature

An exploration of the château is a delight for lovers of old buildings and a peaceful stroll in the many gardens surrounding it is just as pleasurable. While the sequoias and beeches provide welcome shade on hot sunny days, the box parterres are planted in the French style to bring structure to the whole.

The potagers are full of a wide variety of vegetables and also flowers that bring beautiful colours. You mustn’t miss the Princess’ Garden, an amazing display of cucurbits which are stunning to look at when the fruits are ripe. You can conclude your visit with a pleasant stroll in the shade of oak trees.

Other activities in and around Feneu.

Apart from visiting the château and gardens of Montriou, Feneu offers hikers some great walks. The circuit ‘Des Berges aux Halliers’ will take you to the heart of the natural, rural landscapes of Anjou.

Most of the trails are open to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. You can also take peaceful strolls by the Suine and Mayenne rivers.



Chateau de Montriou, Feneu, France