Chateau des Briottières

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Château de Brissac

35 minutes

Construction of the fortress began in the 11th century on the instructions of the Count of Anjou Foulques Nerra. The de Brissac family took possession of the property in the reign of François 1. The boldness and courage of Charles de Cossé enabled him to become the Duc de Brissac and the family line continues until today. When you go there, you will discover an authentic château of the Loire that’s still lived in and perfectly preserved.

Conquering the highest fortified château in France

The Château de Brissac is a building that stands out for its dizzying height, above all. It is seven floors high, has more than 200 rooms and is the highest château in France. Its location in the heart of a rugged terrain favoured its great height, to the delight of lovers of old stone buildings.

When you look at the façade, you’ll be enchanted by the great beauty of the baroque ornamentations. Inside the château, the different historical periods are reflected in the decoration. One of the most beautiful rooms, the Belle Époque theatre, is now a go-to cultural venue for music lovers.

Around the château there is a huge, lush, green park which benefits from the immediate proximity of the Aubance River where lovers and families can relax on board a boat. Unlike many châteaux in Loire, this place retains a wild and entrancing character, accentuated by hundred-year-old trees. It makes a wonderful day out and is just a 35 minute drive from the Château des Briottières.

The hidden treasures of the Château de Brissac

One of the greatest treasures of the Château de Brissac is its cellar, which houses an impressive collection of wines. Sheltered from the light, beneath this centuries-old structure, the products of the surrounding vineyards are transformed into sublime nectars which reflect the ancient savoir-faire of Anjou. Visitors can take part in wine appreciation courses. You can also sample the wines with a meal in the mediaeval kitchen.

The cellars of the château are also a treasure to be explored. The cellars have more than 250 metres of pipework designed to carry the waters of the river away in case of flooding and so keep the flowerbeds dry.



Château de Brissac, Rue Louis Moron, Brissac-Quincé, France