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Château de Chenonceau

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Nicknamed the Château des Dames as a result of the many amenities installed by some of great female figures in the history of France, the Château de Chenonceau is distinguished by its particular architecture which spans the Cher, the river which runs through the region. 850,000 visitors every year are enchanted by the dazzling beauty of the monument and the harmony of the huge park that surrounds it.

Chenonceau: an exceptional château

Just 130 km from the Château des Briottières, the perfect place to stay for discerning visitors to the Anjou, the Château de Chenonceau is a construction that dates back to the sixteenth century and which has been enriched over the centuries by the contributions of its successive female occupants, including Diane de Poitiers, Catherine de Medici and Mme Pelouze.

The result is a majestic château that rises above the waters of the River Cher. Photography enthusiasts like to capture the reflections of this magnificent building in the river.

Inside the château there is a huge collection of paintings, tapestries and sculptures which is a real pleasure for art lovers to explore. To walk the length of the gallery is an unforgettable experience. The mouldings and bas-reliefs are of great finesse and tell of a time of great luxury. As you stroll around the château you’ll see the rooms of the residents who have marked the different eras in its history.

Exceptional gardens

A visit to the château of Chenonceau wouldn’t be complete without exploring the beautiful gardens created at the behest of these ladies with their particularly keen aesthetic sensibilities. The garden of Diane de Poitiers, arranged around a fountain, is surrounded by forest and the river. The precision of its curves contrasts with the surrounding natural environment and helps to accentuate the peaceful atmosphere of the site.

The garden of Catherine de Medici is less precise in its lines, but just as pleasant to admire with its dozens of species of flowers. Don’t forget to lose yourself in the labyrinth, a composition that extends over 1500 m² and is sure to baffle you before you reach the gloriette in the centre.

Whether you’re five or ninety-five, don’t miss the Donkey Park. These docile animals willingly approach visitors. Wild ducks and pigeons flying around the skies above Chenonceau complete the idyllic picture.



Château de Chenonceau, Chenonceaux, France