Chateau des Briottières

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Château du Plessis Bourré

13 km

Surrounded by a huge and magnificent moat, dominated by its four towers and having undergone minimal alteration since its construction, the Château du Plessis Bourré offers a faithful picture of the France of the fifteenth century. It’s a must-see during any stay in Anjou.

Plessis Bourré: a beautiful château built between two eras

With its moat and towers which create a virtually impenetrable defensive system, the Château du Plessis Bourré reflets the architecture of the fortresses of the Middle Ages, but the obvious finesse of its mullioned windows and its archway, as well as the richness of the interior decorations, definitively mark the advent of the Renaissance. This transition between two eras is a real pleasure to discover.

Much of the furniture inside the château is antique. Among the treasures preserved within the château is the ceiling of the guardroom which is decorated with a series of 24 painted sections. Many experts say that these works, by an anonymous artist, represent alchemical and esoteric symbols. A polychrome wooden statue of the Virgin is also worth seeing.

Lastly, the portraits of Jean Bourré and his family, the founders of the château, are exhibited in one of the rooms of this majestic building.

A natural setting of enchanting beauty

Just 13 km from Château des Briottières, where you can spend your stay in Anjou and make contact with history, the Château du Plessis Bourré is also a place of choice for contact with the natural world. The vast landscaped gardens and farmland around the château create a rural atmosphere which will help you to disconnect completely from the hustle and bustle of city life. All around, the unspoiled landscapes accentuate this pleasant feeling of time standing still.

The garden at the entrance to Plessis Bourré was designed to faithfully recreate the styles of the late Middle Ages. Just under one hundred species are grown there. They are distinguished by their healing powers or their magical properties.

When booking your visit, you can also take a course in the techniques of ‘plessis’, a method of interweaving hedging plants to create an impenetrable barrier. Make sure you bring your gloves and secateurs for the session. Throughout your visit, you can try to identify the areas used for the shooting films like Fanfan la Tulipe and La Princesse de Montpensier.



Château du Plessis-Bourré, Écuillé, France