Chateau des Briottières

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The Cointreau Museum

30 minutes

The Cointreau Museum is an unmissable part of any stay in Anjou. The famous producer of orange peel-based liqueur has been based in the city of Angers since 1849 and is now part of the cultural heritage of the region. It now has a museum.

The Cointreau Museum: promise of a rewarding visit

The story of the Cointreau brand began with the work of two brothers, namely Edouard and Adolphe Cointreau. Having succeeded in producing a delicious cherry liqueur, they continued to develop different recipes. But it was in 1875 that Edouard Cointreau created the recipe for the liqueur that we know so well today and which later became one of the region’s biggest commercial successes.

To honour his great achievement, the brand created a museum that displays a total of 4,000 documents and objects in an area of over 3000 m². Huge alambics, posters and various shapes of bottles form part of the collection.

The place offers visitors a journey that’s both educational and fun, to ensure that the experience of the museum is both enjoyable and memorable. It’s also the place to learn about the preparation of many Cointreau-based cocktails. From the Château des Briottieres, you need to drive for about 20 minutes in the Angers direction to get from the Cointreau Museum to the nearby production site. Not far from Angers, another museum is devoted to beverages, including Cointreau.

It’s a distillery that can only be visited by appointment

The bottles of Cointreau which are distributed to more than 200 countries worldwide are only produced in Saint-Barthélemy, a suburb of Angers. To get access to the industrial facilities that give birth to the famous liqueur, it is essential to make a reservation beforehand.

The number of visitors allowed is limited to ensure the integrity of the production space. And although the tour won’t reveal all the secrets of the orange peel liqueur, you will see the genesis and various stages in its manufacture.

With moderation and great pleasure, the tour often concludes with a tasting session. The drink is instantly recognisable whether drunk straight or in a cocktail. After visiting the museum and distillery, you can set off to explore the châteaux of Pignerolle and Romanerie which are located nearby, before continuing with a visit to the historic centre of Angers and its fortified château.



Cointreau SA, Boulevard des Bretonnières, Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France