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Le Puy du Fou

90 minutes

This theme park has been voted the French people’s favourite, as well as the winning the title of the world’s best park. Puy du Fou is an attraction to discover with family or friends during a stay in Anjou. It will bring out your chivalrous side.

Le Puy du Fou: a theme park that immerses you in the heart of history

Before its creation, there were no large parks entirely devoted to history. When it opened to the public, Le Puy du Fou both impressed and delighted visitors with huge sets and breathtaking spectacles. You’re sure to have an amazing time there. Le Puy du Fou, the cultural pride of the Vendée, is an experience that’s unique in the world, where you literally travel through the ages.

A ninety minute drive to the south of the Château des Briottières, this exceptional place offers visitors huge spectacles on a Hollywood scale which plunge you into the heart of the action, fighting and historical epics. From antiquity via the adventure of the Gauls and the musketeers, not forgetting knights and Vikings, the re-enactments are steeped in realism, supported by visual and sound effects to rival the greatest film directors. One of the spectacles has eagles flying over the heads of the spectators. In the evening, the huge spectacle that features 1,200 actors really can’t be missed.

Other activities in addition to the spectacles

The list of spectacles on offer to visitors to Le Puy du Fou is particularly long, but the attractions don’t stop there, because both children and adults can wander round the ancient villages where life of its historic inhabitants is faithfully reproduced. There are villages from the Middle Ages, the Viking period, the eighteenth century and the early twentieth century, which are accessible at all times. The actors in these places, where time has stood still, really put their hearts and souls into creating unforgettable experiences for visitors.

There are hundreds of animals that take part in the various spectacles and bring the villages to life. Le Puy du Fou is home to tigers, lions, dromedaries, horses and also farmyard animals.

The secret of Le Puy du Fou is entrusted to the people of the Vendée. 80% of projects are actually produced locally, including costumes and scenery… Working alongside the professionals there are also thousands of volunteers who are involved in the venture simply out of love for the park.

Reservations for Le Puy du Fou’s big Parc and Cinéscenie can be made on Le Puy du Fou’s booking website or by calling 0820 09 10 10.



Le Puy du Fou, 85590 Les Epesses, France