Chateau des Briottières

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15-01-2024 Les Briottières

Article from the times

Château des Briottières, near Angers, Pays de la Loire The sweeping grounds of Château des Briottières in the western Loire give guests an extraordinary sense of peace, whether you’re sipping an aperitif on the sunny terrace or gazing up at

27-06-2016 Les Briottières

Relais & Châteaux : un guide pour trouver les meilleurs établissements

Relais & Châteaux est un prestigieux guide pour tous les voyageurs désireux de vivre une expérience inoubliable. En plus de l’excellence de l’accueil et des services, les établissements référencés doivent également faire profiter de la richesse culturelle de la destination

23-05-2016 Events

The Château des Briottières and vintage cars: an enduring love story

It’s not unusual for the leafy grounds of the Château des Briottières to welcome classic car enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the authentic historic setting and the tranquil ambiance. Château des Briottières: a classic setting for exceptional cars Ideal for a

16-05-2016 Events

A flight route connecting London and Nantes

A regular flight route will connect London with the city Nantes. This is the opportunity for British holidaymakers to come and explore the beauty of the Pays de la Loire. Now Londoners and international visitors who want to treat themselves

12-05-2016 Events

Come and experience 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Château des Briottières

24 Hours of Le Mans is an unmissable event for motor-racing enthusiasts. Come and experience 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Château des Briottières, where you can enjoy this thrilling event while staying in luxury accommodation. Less than one


The Tour de France stops off at the Château des Briottières

A mainstay of French popular culture, the Tour de France is a major sporting event which creates a real buzz among the inhabitants of the villages along its route. For its 2016 event, the tour will pass through the historic

10-05-2016 Les Briottières

Les Briottieres is one of the 20 best French chateaux

The Times has just released an article written by Carolyn Boyd. From all the chateaux hotel of France, The Times has chosen les Briottieres. We are proud to have been selected and will continue our work to make les Briottieres

13-03-2016 castle of the Loire

Activities for a weekend in a chateau

For a weekend, opt for an original break in a chateau. Far from the hustle of the big city, you can slip away from our modern times to a happy getaway in a peaceful cocoon. A chateau is the ideal

castle of the Loire

Château de Noirieux

Château de Noirieux lies in a huge nine-hectare park. Located in the Loire Valley, a 20-minute drive from Château des Briottières, this monument, which has now been converted into a hotel building, has retained its authenticity, becoming a precious oasis

06-03-2016 castle of the Loire

Discovering the most beautiful castles of the Loire

For your next holidays, let yourself be tempted by a trip through time. In Pays de la Loire, relive a significant period of France’s history through the remarkable castles that line the banks of the eponymous river. These residences were

28-02-2016 castle of the Loire

Château de Marçay

Located in the Val-de-Loire countryside, a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Château des Briottières, Château de Marçay emerges like a green island dominated by an authentic and oh-so beautiful fifteenth century chateau. Without having lost its spirit, the chateau now has all

21-02-2016 castle of the Loire

Sleep in a chateau: advice for total immersion in history

For your next holidays, would you like to experience something that is truly out of the ordinary? For a few days, make a beautiful dream come true by living the chateau life. Walking in the shoes of a lord, you

14-02-2016 castle of the Loire

Manoir les Minimes

Spend your holidays in the Loire Valley and, by choosing Manoir les Minimes, you have an real opportunity to stay in a truly historic house. Located a two-hour drive from Château des Briottières, Manoir des Minimes is a hotel that

07-02-2016 castle of the Loire

A family holiday in an Anjou chateau

Anjou is overflowing with exceptional natural sites within easy reach. During your family’s sojourn in one of the region’s castles, you will discover this natural wealth with its breathtaking scenery, which so charmed French kings that they built their most

31-01-2016 castle of the Loire

Domaine des Hauts de Loire

A stay in the Loire Valley is the promise of a sojourn that connects you with history. Prolong the experience by choosing to stay in an authentic monument during your visit. Located a two-hour drive from Château des Briottières, the

24-01-2016 castle of the Loire

A romantic weekend in a chateau of the Loire

The idyllic scenery of the Loire Valley lends itself to a romantic getaway in a magnificent chateau. Sumptuous castles built from the Middle Ages on, sit enthroned on its banks. Did you know that it was also during this time

20-01-2016 Les Briottières

Briottières in the Guardian’s top 10

The Guardian, a renowned English daily newspaper, published a ranking of the 10 best chateau hotels in France: Briottières was in it! Within the journalist’s description, a good representation of the place can be found: “This 18th-century chateau has been

castle of the Loire

Château de Noizay

Located a two-hour drive from Chateau des Briottieres, halfway between the city of Amboise and Tours, near the vineyards of the Loire, Château de Noizay stands as monument to the sixteenth-century, immersing you in the history of the region. It