Chateau des Briottières

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23-05-2016 Events

The Château des Briottières and vintage cars: an enduring love story

It’s not unusual for the leafy grounds of the Château des Briottières to welcome classic car enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the authentic historic setting and the tranquil ambiance. Château des Briottières: a classic setting for exceptional cars Ideal for a

16-05-2016 Events

A flight route connecting London and Nantes

A regular flight route will connect London with the city Nantes. This is the opportunity for British holidaymakers to come and explore the beauty of the Pays de la Loire. Now Londoners and international visitors who want to treat themselves

12-05-2016 Events

Come and experience 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Château des Briottières

24 Hours of Le Mans is an unmissable event for motor-racing enthusiasts. Come and experience 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Château des Briottières, where you can enjoy this thrilling event while staying in luxury accommodation. Less than one


The Tour de France stops off at the Château des Briottières

A mainstay of French popular culture, the Tour de France is a major sporting event which creates a real buzz among the inhabitants of the villages along its route. For its 2016 event, the tour will pass through the historic