Chateau des Briottières

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Château de Serrant

35 minutes

The Château de Serrant is a building in the Renaissance style with the distinction of being surrounded by a moat. This defensive device is inherited from the mediaeval fortress which once stood on the site before the construction of the current building.

A former medieval fortress

At just over thirty minutes by car from the Château des Briottières, this historic location just has to be seen for the finesse and harmony of its architecture. The 350 years that were needed for its construction are reflected in the diversity of the furniture and ornamentation.

The ebony cabinet is one of the best examples of this stylistic richness. The library at the Château de Serrant has more than 12,000 catalogued works and is not to be missed on your tour of the building. You can sit on an antique chair and leaf through the books, some of which are hundreds of years old. A tour of the château will also take you to the chapel.

Many great artists, such as Lebrun, Mansart and Coysevox contributed to its decoration, allowing it to be a match in terms of beauty for châteaux which would otherwise seem more prestigious. The mausoleum of the Marquis de Vaubrun, built into the chapel, is a real artistic treasure.

Unusual places to explore

The park in the English style at the Château de Serrant is the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous. The lake accentuates the rustic character of the place and its characteristic irregular form will take you to a more natural environment, offering you a complete change of scenery.

The estate also includes stables, a dovecote and an orangery. When you return to the château, be sure to take a look at the kitchens and prepare to be impressed by the collection of some 200 copper pans. They hint at the splendour of the meals that were once served there.

You can visit the estate without a guide, but you will be unable to access some of the rooms, particularly those on the first floor. You can hire a room for an event and experience what it’s like to live in a château. Every year, the Serrant estate hosts cultural events, including Kandorya, a role-playing experience, and Halloween. On sunny days, the whole estate becomes a delightful place for a picnic with family or friends.



Château de Serrant, Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, France