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La Coulée de Serrant

35 minutes

In the very pretty commune of Savennières, about fifteen kilometres from Angers, there is a seven hectare piece of land where the grapes are grown for one of the greatest white wines in the world.

La Coulee de Serrant: an exceptional wine to be discovered

A 35 minute drive from the Château des Briottières are the vineyard of La Coulée de Serrant. Since 1130, the year in which the Cistercian monks began planting vines, more than 850 harvests have taken place continuously year after year.

The secret of the wines of La Coulée de Serrant is the combination of an ideal south-easterly exposure and the proximity of the Loire, giving the vines the sunlight and moisture they need for the production of a Grand Cru wine. Add to that a schistose soil which brings a very appreciable mineral character.

The grape harvest is carried out exclusively by hand. Beyond the artisanal nature of the practice, this demanding method ensures that each bunch is harvested when it is fully ripe. The domaine produces 25,000 bottles each year, making each glass a real treasure which reflects centuries of savoir-faire. The wines of La Coulée de Serrant are the perfect accompaniment to fish or white meat.

La Coulée de Serrant: monuments which reveal the richness of a history

After walking round the the vineyard, a visit to the domaine of La Coulée de Serrant will lead you to the monastery of Vieux Serrant, an old building with fascinating rustic charm. Next, if you follow a fortified track known as the “English cemetery”, you will come to the ruins of a fortress which unfortunately did not survive the Hundred Years’ War. As you walk along the track you will get a stunning view across the Loire and the surrounding hillsides.

The Château de la Roche aux Moines is slightly more modern, having been built in the nineteenth century and is a beautiful building in the classical style. Wine appreciation courses are often held here, enabling enthusiasts to uncover the full aroma of the wine.

When you’ve visited the domaine, take a detour to the village of Savennières to admire the church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Romain, which dates back to the tenth century. In the Parc du Fresne an oriental plane tree which is several hundred years old spreads its branches majestically.



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