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Les Écuries du Rocher : equestrian centre and pony club

15 minutes

At Feneu, horse lovers and anyone who likes to explore the green countryside of Anjou in a different way will find what they’re looking for at Les Ecuries du Rocher. You can learn how to ride there and you will then have access to a huge area of woodland and pasture.

Les Écuries du Rocher: an ideal place to learn to ride

Les Écuries du Rocher, an equestrian centre set in a wonderful landscape, offer visitors the right conditions to introduce both adults and children to the joys of horse riding. The stables also offer courses for people with reduced mobility.

The centre is just 10 km from the Château des Briottières on the road to Feneu and is managed by a family who are passionate about what they do. Because of the expertise of the instructors, experienced riders can train in more complex disciplines, such as show jumping, cross-country and dressage.

An amazing place for unforgettable riding experiences.

The main advantage of Les Écuries du Rocher is the diversity of sites for riders to choose from. Whatever the season, the school offers a specially-designed, secure space for riders to learn the essential ways to communicate with their horse, and the vast area around the stables is an open invitation to long rides for couples, families and friends.

Children from eight years of age can participate safely and set off with adults to conquer the countryside of Anjou. There are picnic tables available in several places and you even spend the night at the centre, in a gîte or in a tent.

Pampered horses

The many horses and ponies that participate in the life of Les Écuries du Rocher are particularly well cared for by their owners. The looseboxes are thoroughly cleaned every two days and paddocks have been set up where the horses can frolic and enjoy themselves when they are not at the service of visitors.

The horses’ diet is also strictly managed, although they can often be found grazing peacefully in the meadows. This freedom of movement, which is essential to their development, is reflected in the docile character of the horses. Life is good at Les Écuries du Rocher, both for horses and riders.



Feneu, France