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Mondial du Lion

15 minutes

The Mondial du Lion is a meeting place for enthusiasts of equestrianism and riding, organised by the national stud farm, the Lion d’Angers and the Lion Équestre association. It is part of the World Championships for Young Horses of 6 and 7 years of age. The event attracts thousands of people from all over France and around the world.

Focus on a world-class equestrian event

Three main events mark the three days of the Mondial du Lion. First, there is the dressage competition which tests the skills of thoroughbred horses and their riders. Dressage is a discipline which requires perfect harmony between horse and rider in order to complete all the compulsory and free-style movements.Each step, each jump is the result of many months of training.

The cross-country, which takes place on the huge, verdant grounds of the Isle-Briand Departmental Park, is an event that promises an adrenaline rush. The horses must complete the unique course, set with many obstacles, as quickly as possible. Some obstacles, which are shaped like animals or musical instruments, are emblematic and contribute to the unique character of the competition.

The last event in the Mondial du Lion programme is the show jumping in its traditional form. The winners are designated at the end of the competition.

Throughout the event, a village provides a range of entertainment to share the passion for equestrianism with the public. Several exhibitors are present to showcase the treasures of the terroir of Anjou and other cultural products.

The national stud farm of the Lion d’Angers: an exceptional place dedicated to thoroughbred horses

The Haras National d’Angers was first established in 1797. Today, the site hosts around sixty local, regional, national and international competitions, but it is primarily dedicated to breeding the finest horses, including thoroughbreds, but also charming little ponies that give children the opportunity to learn to ride.

Here, you can see all the professions involved in caring for these valiant creatures which are the result of rigorous selection and the utmost care at all times.

When you arrive at the site of Isle-Briand, you’ll have plenty of time to admire the precise and indispensable work of the blacksmith or saddle-maker. The stud is open to the public throughout the year, and gives visitors the chance to get close to these gentle animals outside the competition periods.



Le Lion-d'Angers, France