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Château de Montgeoffroy

35 minutes

It was a marshal of France named Louis Georges Érasme de Contades who ordered the construction of Château de Montgeoffroy by the architect Jean Benoit Vincent Barré. Inside, you can admire the antique furniture crafted by great masters.

The Château de Montgeoffroy: a perfectly preserved family château

Since its construction in 1772 until today, the Château de Montgeoffroy has remained in the hands of the de Contades family who have succeeded in retaining the authenticity of this prestigious monument over the years. There remain only two towers from the 16th century château which once stood on the site. These have been integrated harmoniously into the construction, bringing dynamism and curves to the strict architectural style of the building.

The Marquis de Contades opens its doors to visitors from all around the world for total immersion in the France of the 18th century. All of the furniture in the château has actually been handed down from the original occupants of the place and reveals the riches of the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles.

Renowned cabinet makers such as Gourdin, Roussel and Blanchard participated in their design. During the second half of the 20th century, the prestigious Braquenié company began the renovation of the château’s textiles and restored them to their former glory.

The must-see parts of the Château de Montgeoffroy

The park around the Château de Montgeoffroy is huge. This impression of great size is accentuated by the lack of trees in front of the building. This vast space is perfect for picnics on sunny days and a great place for long walks. It also offers the ideal backdrop for photography. Make the most of the symmetry of the place to create stunning images.

From the Château des Briottières, your ideal base for a stay in Anjou, the Château de Montgeoffroy is only a 35 minute drive away in the direct of the commune of Mazé. It’s one of those unmissable places that will plunge you into the heart of the beauty of the Anjou region.

Every summer, nocturnal tours by candlelight are organised to give lovers of history a real taste of the ambiance of centuries past. Other events and demonstrations make up the château’s schedule during the opening period, which runs from spring to autumn.



Château de Montgeoffroy, Route de Seiches, Maze, France