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Langlois Château: the family wine

60 minutes

Langlois-Château is a vineyard in the Pays de la Loire which produces not only the famous Crémant de Loire, a wine with fine bubbles, but other more traditional wines. We serve Langlois-Château wines at the Château des Briottières.

Langlois-Château: a family affair

It was thanks to Edouard Langlois, a winemaker and cellarman in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent, and his wife Jeanne Château that Maison Langlois-Château was founded. They set about producing a wine with fine bubbles, with the help of Baron de Bodman, owner of the Château de Saint-Florent. Success came quickly and, in spite of the death of Édouard during the First World War, the brand continued to thrive. With the help of her son and son-in-law, Jeanne Château continued the tradition of quality.

Thus in 1973, the Bollinger Champagne house invested in the family business, attracted by the exquisite character of the wines of the Langlois-Château domaine. Today, the domaine has expanded, but still retains all its land in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent.

A domaine to visit during your stay in Anjou

You will need to drive south for about an hour to reach the domaine of Langlois-Château from the Château des Briottières. When you arrive, a guide will take great pleasure in showing you what goes on behind the scenes, starting with an exploration of the vineyards which overlook the house.

Next, your tour will continue with an introduction to the different concepts of oenology to give you a better understanding of the stages in wine making. In the tufa cellars, the pleasant, mild temperature guarantees optimum ageing. As each stage is explained, you will understand how the different vintages come about and the work required of the team members.

Domaine Langlois-Château: an exceptionally beautiful site

A tour of the Langlois-Château domaine is more than an opportunity to experience the creation of an exceptional Saumur vintage which has made the Pays de la Loire famous. It’s also a place of great beauty that perfectly illustrates the charm of Anjou. The cellars and pressing houses are well situated to provide stunning views of the Château de Saumur.

And at the bottom of the hillsides flows the Loire, the majestic river that has carved the undulating landscape of the region over the millennia. Naturally, when you return to the Château des Briottières, you can order a Crémant de Loire accompanied by a local speciality.



Langlois-Château, Rue Léopold Palustre, Saumur, France